Autonomia is an independent organising group for diy benefit gigs and events. All proceeds go to grassroots campaigns. We want to provide a platform for diy bands to perform, raise money for campaigns and have a good time!

 We are a collective of like minded punks, we work on a DIY, non-hierarchical, non-profit basis. To us punk is as much about politics as it is music – for that reason we aim to work, as much as possible, outside of the capitalist system.

We are against sexism, ageism, nationalism, racism, fascism, ableism, greed and oppression. Any attitudes or behaviour contrary to this will not be welcome. 

Where does the money go? Once we have covered our costs and paid bands what we have agreed, all proceeds from the event will go to whichever group the benefit is for.

If you live in Amsterdam and want to get involved with the collective get in touch! 

Looking for persons unknown that are into designing flyers, promoting, distro, social media, making banners and anything else that fits the bill.

Always antifascist, antisexist and anticapitalist.